What are examples of equivalent expressions? (2023)

What is an example of a equivalent expressions?

Examples of Equivalent Expressions

3(x + 2) and 3x + 6 are equivalent expressions because the value of both the expressions remains the same for any value of x. 3x + 6 = 3 × 4 + 6 = 18. and can also be written as 6(x2 + 2y + 1) = 6x2 + 12y + 6. In this lesson, we learn to identify equivalent expressions.

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What are 2 expressions that are equivalent?

If two algebraic expressions are equivalent, then the two expressions have the same value when we plug in the same value(s) for the variable(s).

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How do you write equivalent expressions?

You can write equivalent expressions by combining like terms. Like terms are terms that have the same variables raised to the same powers. For example, the list shows some pairs of like terms. the new coefficient is 9.

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How do you solve equivalent expressions?

How to find equivalent expressions - YouTube

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What is this expression equivalent to A -> B?

Hence, a. (a+b) is equivalent to a2+ab.

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How do you find equivalent expressions with fractions?

Equivalent Forms of Algebraic Fractions - YouTube

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How do you do equivalent expressions 6th grade?

Equivalent Expressions | 6th Grade | Mathcation.com - YouTube

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Which equation is equivalent to log2n 4?

The correct answer is B) 16.

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How do you know if equations are equivalent?

To solve this, you need to find "x" for each equation. If "x" is the same for both equations, then they are equivalent. If "x" is different (i.e., the equations have different roots), then the equations are not equivalent.

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What's an equivalent expression?

Generally, if two things are the same, then it is called equivalent. Similarly, in mathematics, the equivalent expressions are the expressions that are the same, even though the expression looks different. But if the values are plugged in the expression, both the expressions give the same result.

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How do you write an equivalent expression using exponents?

The product of powers property says that when we multiply powers with the same base, we just have to add the exponents. So, xaxb = x(a + b). As you can see, we keep the base the same and add the exponents together.

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How do you write equivalent expressions using properties?

6th Grade Math 10.3c, Write Equivalent Expressions ... - YouTube

What are examples of equivalent expressions? (2023)
What is an equivalent equation?

Equivalent equations are algebraic equations that have identical solutions or roots. Adding or subtracting the same number or expression to both sides of an equation produces an equivalent equation. Multiplying or dividing both sides of an equation by the same non-zero number produces an equivalent equation.

Which expression is equivalent to sine of 7pi 6 )?

The value of sin 7pi/6 in decimal is -0.5. Sin 7pi/6 can also be expressed using the equivalent of the given angle (7pi/6) in degrees (210°). Since the sine function is a periodic function, we can represent sin 7pi/6 as, sin 7pi/6 = sin(7pi/6 + n × 2pi), n ∈ Z.

What does equivalent mean in math fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that represent the same value, even though they look different. For example, if you have a cake, cut it into two equal pieces, and eat one of them, you will have eaten half the cake.

Which expression is equivalent to 5 to the 6th power?

Answer: 5 to the power of 6 can be expressed as 56 = 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 = 15,625.

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