Can I sell services to the EU? (2023)

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Can I sell services to the EU?

If you have a registered business providing services (as an architect or tourist guide, for example) in the country where you live, you can offer those services in another EU country without setting up a company or branch there.

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Do I charge VAT on services to EU countries?

If you sell services to businesses based in another EU country you don't usually need to charge your customers VAT. Your customers will pay VAT on the services received at the applicable rate in their country (using the reverse charge procedure).

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Can I sell to EU after Brexit?

Once the Brexit transition period is over, if you sell digital services to EU customers, you'll no longer be able to use the UK's VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) service to declare sales and pay VAT due in EU member states.

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Can I sell to EU from UK?

Items being sold into the EU from England, Scotland and Wales are subject to new VAT rules and can be sold through EU Import One Stop Shop (IOSS): Any item, regardless of value, sold to the EU is subject to the local rate of VAT and charges in the destination country.

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Are sales to EU outside of scope of VAT?

For EU-based companies, VAT is chargeable on most sales and purchases of goods within the EU. In such cases, VAT is charged and due in the EU country where the goods are consumed by the final consumer. Likewise, VAT is charged on services at the time they are carried out in each EU country.

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How do you sell a service globally?

Check out how to take the first step of selling internationally.
  1. Market Research. Firstly, you need to do a little market research. ...
  2. Choose An International Market Or Cluster. ...
  3. Learn The Rules And Regulation Of Your Market. ...
  4. Language Barriers. ...
  5. Currency Barriers. ...
  6. Payment Barriers. ...
  7. Shipping Barriers. ...
  8. Search Engine Optimization.
13 Jan 2015

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Are sales to EU zero-rated?

You can still zero rate the sale if: the goods are delivered to the EU business, not sold to them. the EU business does not use the goods, it only processes them for export.

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Do I charge VAT on services from UK to EU?

Which country's VAT rules to use when charging VAT on services. If you're in the UK and the place of supply of your service is in the UK, you charge and account for VAT according to UK VAT rules. If you're in the UK and the place of supply of your service is in an EU country, you do not pay UK VAT.

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Do I have to charge VAT on services to EU customers after Brexit?

UK businesses will no longer get the benefit of the current EU-wide VAT threshold for supplies of digital services to consumers (£8,818). This means that EU VAT will be due on all supplies of digital services to EU consumers, regardless of the value of the sales.

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How do I sell my product to Europe?

Register a seller account and list your products. Ship your goods and fulfill orders. Manage your exports business, including customer support and returns.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Sign in with your seller central account.
  2. Click on sell global section.
  3. Choose the marketplace where you want to expand & register.

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Does the UK still have to comply with EU law?

All EU law, across all policy areas, will still be applicable to and in the United Kingdom, with the exception of provisions of the Treaties and acts, which were not binding upon and in the United Kingdom before the entry into force of the Withdrawal Agreement. The same is true for acts amending such acts.

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How does VAT work between UK and EU?

From 1 January 2021, the main changes are that; UK retailers that want to import the goods into the member state of the customer and sell them to customers will have to register in the EU member state of the consumer, pay import VAT and charge local VAT.

Can I sell services to the EU? (2023)
Can a UK company do business in Europe?

If you have a UK business, you might face restrictions on your ability to own, manage or direct a company registered in the EU , Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. You should be prepared for: additional requirements on the nationality or residency of senior managers or directors.

What Cannot be sent to EU?

Self-defence sprays like pepper spray. Counterfeit goods of any description. Some types of nut – such brazil nuts still in their shell. Mercury thermometers and other goods that contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

Do you charge VAT on services to overseas customers?

So, accountants would not charge VAT to any overseas client from 1 January 2021. B2B services remain basic rule while B2C services are covered by Para 16. There would be no EU registration obligation for B2B services as these are covered by the mandatory reverse charge.

Do you charge VAT on services?

Not necessarily. Value added tax (VAT) will be chargeable if: the firm is registered for VAT purposes, and. the supply of the particular legal services to the client is subject to VAT and not exempt from VAT or zero-rated.

What services are outside the scope of VAT?

Charges levied by the government, such as MOT testing, and tolls on bridges that are owned by the state, are outside the scope of VAT. Wages paid to employees are also outside the scope of VAT. You can find out more about which goods and services are outside the scope of VAT in our guide to VAT rates.

What services are VAT exempt?

VAT exemption for goods and services

Sporting activities and physical education. Education and training. Some medical treatments. Financial services, insurance and investments.

What is the best way to sell services?

Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. 1 Define Your Niche & Target Audience.
  2. 2 Create Your Online Store to Sell Services Online.
  3. 3 Establishing Your Online Presence.
  4. 4 Promote Your Services.
  5. 5 Use Platforms to Find Customers.
  6. 6 Onboard New Customers.
  7. 7 Build Customer Relationships.
28 Jul 2022

Can I sell my product internationally?

You have two options: international marketplaces or your own website. International marketplaces include Alibaba, Etsy and eBay—marketplaces where customers expect to buy from sellers in faraway countries.

What is the best way to market a service?

With this in mind, we've put together 9 service business marketing strategies.
9 ways to move and market your local service business online
  1. Create a website. ...
  2. Turn your services into products. ...
  3. Set up video conferencing sessions. ...
  4. Adopt a pickup and delivery model. ...
  5. Create a local SEO strategy.
3 Apr 2020

Do I need to register for VAT to sell to EU?

If you sell goods from the UK to the EU

You only need to be registered for VAT with HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ). You can charge VAT at zero rate for these sales.

Does a US company need a VAT number to sell into the EU?

If you're a non-EU business, you'll need to apply for a VAT number in order to do business in any of the 27 member states.

Is EU VAT exempt?

VAT exemptions for small enterprises

In most EU countries you can apply for a special scheme that enables you to trade under certain conditions without the need to charge VAT. If your company makes taxable supplies of goods or services below a certain annual limit, it may be exempt from VAT.

Can I claim back VAT on EU services?

Claiming a refund on or after 1 January 2021

If you're charged VAT in an EU member state, you'll normally be able to reclaim this from the tax authority in that country. You'll need to make your claim using either: the EU VAT refund system. the 13th Directive process.

Do you charge VAT on services outside the UK?

If your business buys services from outside the UK a rule called the 'reverse charge' applies. Convert the value of the services into sterling. Calculate the amount of VAT due and include this in your VAT Return.

What is EU reverse charge VAT?

What is the VAT Reverse Charge? When you buy goods or services from suppliers in other EU countries, the Reverse Charge moves the responsibility for the recording of a VAT transaction from the seller to the buyer for that good or service.

How can I avoid charging VAT?

Other ways to prevent your company from paying VAT are to avoid getting your customers to purchase materials themselves, not taking large one-off payments, and operating on fewer days a week.

How can I get customers in Europe?

One of the best ways of making relevant, high quality contacts in Europe is to attend various, specialised trade events such as trade fairs and conferences. See the tip: Attending trade events, fairs and conferences for more information about this. Work with your contacts. They are not just a record in your database.

How can I get clients from Europe?

Do your market research. Segment and identify your target market and create your ideal client profile. Develop a short, practical go-to-market strategy and stick to it.
  1. Find out your prospect's motivation . ...
  2. In general, clients' motivations change over time. ...
  3. Create the “ideal” client persona.
7 Feb 2022

How do you sell to foreign customers?

Top Tips for Selling Internationally
  1. Select New Markets Carefully. ...
  2. Apply Relevant Marketing. ...
  3. Localize Your Store. ...
  4. Choose Payment Options Carefully. ...
  5. Understand Tax Rules and Regulations. ...
  6. Pick a Fulfilment Center. ...
  7. Shipping & Returns Policy. ...
  8. Facilitate Local Customer Service.
10 Oct 2022

What Cannot be taken from UK to EU?

You cannot take the following with you into the EU : meat or products containing meat. milk or dairy products.

What are the 2 main principles applicable for the EU law?

Accepted general principles of European Union Law include fundamental rights, proportionality, legal certainty, equality before the law and subsidiarity.

Can countries ignore EU law?

Some countries provide that if national and EU law contradict, courts and public officials are required to suspend the application of the national law, bring the question to the national constitutional court and wait until its decision is made.

Who pays the VAT in Europe?

The Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a tax on consumer spending, which is paid by the consumer at the time of purchase of a product or service. This is implemented on all goods and services sold within the European Union. The rates vary across the different member states and for digital goods range from 17% to 27%.

How do I export from UK to EU?

Exporting After Brexit – How to Move Goods from UK to Europe
  1. Step 1 – Ensure you have an EORI number. ...
  2. Step 2 – Make export declaration. ...
  3. Step 3- Check the tax and duty rates to be paid. ...
  4. Step 4 – Check the rules for your specific goods and destination. ...
  5. Step 5 – See how your VAT process will change.

Can I work remotely in Europe for a UK company?

If you are considering taking advantage of remote work by working for a UK company from another country, there are several potential consequences for both you and your employer. Therefore, working overseas can trigger all sorts of tax complications, social security obstacles and other legal issues.

Can UK contractors work in Europe?

Working in the EU

As a UK tax resident, you'll be classed as a 'third-tier' country national, and in most cases will be required to obtain a permit to work. Unfortunately, as your limited company is not a local entity abroad, it will not be able to sponsor a work permit for you.

Can I run my UK business from another country?

You must register if you set up a place of business in the UK or if you usually carry out business from somewhere in the UK. Some types of company cannot register as an overseas company in the UK, including partnerships and unincorporated bodies. Contact the Department for International Trade if you need advice.

What do I need to ship to the EU?

Since 1st January 2021, shipments to EU member states are treated the same way as international shipments and therefore have to clear customs. This means that a commercial invoice and other export documentation are required for every shipment.

What are the duty free limits from the EU?

1 kg of tobacco. 10 litres of spirits. 20 litres of fortified wine. 90 litres of wine (including a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wines)

Can I send gifts to EU?

Sending items to the EU – VAT & customs duties

Since 1 July 2021, most goods to the EU (including gifts) are now subject to VAT and potentially a clearance fee. The taxes and duties applied depend on the individual contents of the parcel, the weight and the value.

Does VAT apply to exported services?

While exported services are VAT exempt, imported services are not exempt from VAT. Under the prevailing VAT Act, services can be classified as services supplied within Nigeria, imported services and exported services.

Can you charge VAT without a VAT number?

You will not be able to charge VAT on taxable supplies and products until you have your number. The VAT due from your customers is known as output tax, and you will need to review HMRC's VAT rates guidelines to determine which rate of VAT to charge to your customers.

Can a UK company trade in the EU?

The EU and UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement establishes zero tariffs or quotas on trade between the UK and the EU, where goods meet the relevant rules of origin.

Do I charge VAT on sales from UK to EU?

VAT is a tax on goods used in the UK and you do not charge VAT if goods are exported from: Great Britain to a destination outside the UK.

Do you charge VAT on sales to EU countries after Brexit?

As of 1 January 2021, when it comes to exporting goods to EU countries, the VAT situation also changes. Exports to EU countries are treated like those to non-EU countries, which is to say, they should be zero-rated for UK VAT.

How can I sell my product in Europe?

There are four main steps to begin selling in Europe:
  1. Decide where and what to sell, including considering local tax and regulatory requirements.
  2. Register an account and list your products.
  3. Ship your goods and fulfill orders.
  4. Manage your business, including customer support and returns.

Is it possible to perform business activities in other EU country?

The European Company – also known as SE (Societas Europea in Latin) – is a type of public limited-liability company that allows you to run your business in different European countries using a single set of rules.

Should I charge VAT to overseas customers?

If your place of supply is in a country other than the EU then you do not need to charge VAT as it is outside the scope of VAT entirely. No further actions are needed for this other than not including VAT on your invoices.

Do you pay VAT on services?

Not necessarily. Value added tax (VAT) will be chargeable if: the firm is registered for VAT purposes, and. the supply of the particular legal services to the client is subject to VAT and not exempt from VAT or zero-rated.

Does VAT apply on services?

Value Added Tax (or VAT) is an indirect tax imposed on all goods and services that are bought and sold by businesses, with a few exceptions.

Are there tariffs between UK and EU?

The EU-UK Free Trade Agreement in detail

It provides for zero tariffs and zero quotas on all goods that comply with the appropriate rules of origin.

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