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Old 05-08-2017
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Default NIHL South New Structure

So, after the NIHL South met up yesterday it seems that they've agreed on the following format

Following the NIHL South section meeting on Sunday 7 May, the EIHA is pleased to announce that the format for 17/18 season has been agreed after more than 6 hours of discussions.

The applications from former EPIHL sides Basingstoke Bison, Bracknell Bees, Peterborough Phantoms and Swindon Wildcats were accepted and they take the place in NIHL South 1 next season.

In total there will be 12 teams in Division 1, split into two conferences of six teams.

Conference A
Basingstoke Bison
Bracknell Bees
Cardiff Fire
Milton Keynes Thunder
Oxford City Stars
Solent Devils

Conference B
Chelmsford Chieftains
Invicta Dynamos
London Raiders
Peterborough Phantoms
Streatham IHC
Swindon Wildcats

Teams will play others in the own conference twice home and away, and teams out of conference once home and once away.

There will also be an NIHL S1 Cup with two groups.

Group A
Chelmsford Chieftains
Invicta Dynamos
Streatham IHC
London Raiders

Group B
Basingstoke Bison
Bracknell Bees
Peterborough Phantoms
Swindon Wildcats

The initial stage of the Cup will have one home and one away against the others in their group.

NIHL South Division 2 reverts to a single division of 13 teams, playing one home and one away. Discussions on a NIHL S2 Cup will continue.

Basingstoke Buffalo
Bristol Pitbulls
Bracknell Hornets
Cardiff Fire 2
Chelmsford Warriors
Guildford Phoenix
Invicta Mustangs
Lee Valley Lions
Oxford NIHL2
Peterborough Phantoms 2
Slough Jets
Swindon Wildcats 2

The meeting also agreed that all NIHL South games ending in a draw after 60 minutes will go to five minutes of 3 on 3 overtime and penalty shots if required.

The NIHL season will begin on weekend of 2/3 September and is scheduled to end 7/8 April.

The issue of post season play will be discussed wider following the NIHL North section meeting which is now scheduled for next weekend.
I think that was about all they could do in the end. Not a great outcome but workable given the teams and circumstances. I think it'll be a work in progress change over the next few seasons to get the balance.

NIHL North have their meeting next weekend which should see Hull and Sheffield accepted into the league.

The only grey area I think is with Telford as their is already a Telford side in NIHL 1 North with separate ownership to Tigers....could be interesting their as the two sides don't really get on
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Old 05-08-2017
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Default Re: NIHL South New Structure

What a mess - all caused by Telford Tigers' greed and refusal to not overspend. How many imports are going to be allowed. What's more if the teams aren't going to have inter-conference games with the northern teams the number of fixtures for the ex-EPL sides is going to be drastically reduced. Not good for the clubs and not good for the fans. It would be justice done if the North meeting refuses entry to Tigers in favour of their existing NIHL side.
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Old 05-08-2017
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Default Re: NIHL South New Structure

Personally, I'd swap Thunder and Wildcats, but I think it's definitely the best of a bad situation.
Bring back the biff
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Old 05-09-2017
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Default Re: NIHL South New Structure

Well,I guess it is about the best that could be done in the circumstances,but I doubt the long term viability of this set up. Not sure that the fans of former EPL,and in some cases Elite League clubs will be too excited about the quality on offer.Very sad also for the excellent Brits who have been left with three options,dropping down,possible bench warming for some in the Elite,or early retirement ! The worst part of this, is that many of these players have improved greatly in the EPL,and some will no doubt be feeling very let down by the governing bodies,owners of clubs like Telford,and the inability of people who are supposed to run the game,to get together and form a long term strategy and league structure to develop the game in GB.Sadly,because of this incompetence,hockey has once again failed to grasp a real chance to grow this great sport ! Good luck to the Thunder,hope you can be successful​ in the new format.At the moment,Lightning seem to have chosen the right option,but finance will be crucial,and dare I say it,but sensible ticket pricing will also be needed to retain & grow the support base.
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