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Old 10-11-2017
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Originally Posted by Reg Reagan View Post
Talk about first world problems...

As someone said on one of the many threads on Facebook, if we didn't have security and something did happen, the people currently moaning about increased security would more than likely be the ones moaning that we should have had security to prevent something happening.

I'm surprised you're still coming to games after your ranting over the summer about ticket prices and suggested boycotts...and now this. We all know it's not ideal, but it's here to stay however much you bitch and whine.

Have you spoken or emailed anyone about it yet? As has been mentioned, whinging about it on a forum isn't going to do diddly-squat.

As Jester says, maybe it's you...
Sorry Reg: but if you think the current security is sufficient to 'stop something happening' then you're in dreamland.

It's purely a corporate decision to stop people bringing in food and drink (and not even that effective at that).

Are we not allowed to have a moan about stuff? Feel free to lock the thread if you fancy. (Boycotts? The Simms thing? If you like our club cosying-up with an abrasive homophobe then yeah to can see how that might be OTT).

I'm actually liking the standard of hockey and the performances. The ticket-price increase I've coped with by coming to fewer games. I'm sure everyone would rather be paying £15 instead of £18 though!

I won't bother posting on here anymore, but I think some of the other comments on here show that it's not 'just me' that's the problem. I've not e-mailed anyone yet no: I may well but if I'm going to I'll take a bit more time over it than posting here.

It's good for you and Jester if you don't 'suffer' from it as much as me, but think it's a bit disrespectful to suggest that I'm the 'problem'. There hasn't been a 'problem' for the last 4 years I've supported Lightning!
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Old 10-11-2017
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Default Re: Thoughts on the new 'security' arrangements?

I have only been to Nottingham Panthers other than MK this season so far and the security arrangements are exactly the same there, bag and body searches before entering the arena itself.
Can't comment on how strict they are on food and drinks as I don't take any with me.

How have other arena's compared so far?

I have had no problems so far this season, the restrictions were announced so we just take what we need. Not saying it is right, but it is the way it is. I thought I read somewhere that it was an Elite league standard in regards to the security rather than club specific?
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Old 10-11-2017
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Default Re: Thoughts on the new 'security' arrangements?

You do realise that the security this season is the same as last season just under a different name (just with more of them) no food or drink being brought in isnít a new thing either, itís just now that bag searches are in place (due to the events in Manchester this year) itís now acted upon rather than ignored. As iíve mentioned on a Facebook thread, iím out there from 5.30 until 6.55 and can honestly say there havenít been that much these guys have actually got wrong, yes some may have been a little abrubt to start with but more often than not theyíve been perfectly fine, I believe that AIB also attended an anti terrorism course before the start of this season so wouldíve been briefed what to look out for (as well as instructions no doubt from Planet Ice) on refusing food/drink being brought on to the premises.
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