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Originally Posted by jezimaster View Post
How many would he have scored tonight then?
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Was tongue-in-cheek.

We’ve got to bring Jordan through, he needs games and has a big frame and is a much better netminder than when I first started watching him. Easy to see that he’s learnt from Lyle and there are elements of Shemmy’s style in his play as well.

We don’t really want to be icing him against the league-leaders when we’re on a losing streak though.

If we do crash out of playoff contention I’d like to start him in more games and look at developing him.

Terrible game tonight. Losing against the league leaders is one thing but not getting a goal is terrible play.

Won’t be there next week (new job means working weekends) but won’t mind as much as I did missing the odd game early season on this performance. Would like to say performances can only improve but can’t see us snapping this streak anytime soon. Aside from Wiikman, Douce and the Bucks Uni players I can’t say anyone’s job is safe.
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