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Default Re: Guildford Flames v MK Lightning - Wed 27/12/17 F.O. 1930

Originally Posted by marksbros650 View Post
Who would that be Reg? I've got to say the (apparent) attitude of some players hasn't impressed me when the going has got tough this season. Hearing about Nickerson trying to start something with Guildford players on Wednesday when we were 3-0 down was just embarrassing and I can appreciate the value of an edgy little mouthy agitator on the side when we're winning, but Kearney just needs to get his head-down and play when things aren't going our way and make a difference that way.

To be honest I wonder if we've missed a trick releasing Tait? Not a game-changer any more but a veteran, has done it all in this league and a bit of leadership on the ice/in the locker-room.
Agree about Kearney - and I'd put VP in the same bracket too. Very capable players, but their heads just don't seem in the game at crucial times.

TBH it would probably be easier to mention the ones I would keep for next season King, Kearney, Hook, Hudson, Philips, Wiikman, VP...that's about it. Maybe Doucet? I think he's our top goalscorer, but he's not really lived up to the hype though has he.

Everyone loves a trier, but Boxhill, Foster and maybe Essery just aren't good enough for this league in my humble opinion.
Bring back the biff
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